Mazematics is a 3D action game which plays with your mathematical, memory and reflex skills. How good are you with Mathematics? No no.. not on Algebra, Calculus etc, just addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, mod.. Good, aren't you? Then get ready to quickly find answers for such simple mathematical questions to guide the player to run through the maze path. Achieve longer distances to prove your mathematical skills and challenge your friends on social media by sharing your own Mazematics award. The longer you run, the higher the award you get.

I can't remember the highest award to achieve on this game... Can you find that out? If you think you found it, I bet, that's not the highest, try again to find out ;-) Well, or you can challenge your friends with your highest to see if there is one above.

This game is completely FREE- NO PAYMENTS and NO ADS. The game is all yours to play free and enjoy playing with your mathematical and reflex skills.

The game has a non-mathematical mode if you want to play only with your reflex skill. Also includes Kids mode with simplified version of the game to guide the player by kids. For kids, this game will be more educative along with fun.

How to Play


Swipe up to jump, Swipe down to slide, Swipe left or right to move left or right in "Swipe Mode" or Tilt phone on sides to move left or right on "Accelerator Mode". On junctions, swipe left or right to turn left or right.

Game Modes:

  • Classic Mode: Mix of different mathematical questions and RedLies Mode
  • RedLies Mode: Show direction guide in last moment before turn. Player has to decide whether its a lie or truth.
  • Memory Mode: Player has to memorize the last answer which will be part of next question to find the answer to turn.
  • Kids Mode: Kids mode with simplified mathematical questions (but with less coin values)


On every junction the player has to make a decision to choose the correct direction to turn. The decision will be based on a question on the "Direction Guide" (DG) board at the junction. The DG board can show guide hints depending on the game modes listed above. If the DG board shows a mathematical question like addition, subtraction, mulplication or division, player has to find the answer for the question and swipe to the side which has the correct answer to turn on that direction. If DG board shows "GO LEFT" or "GO RIGHT", player can choose to go on that direction, but avoid the direction if the guide text is shown in RED colour. "GO LEFT" or "GO RIGHT text on RED is a lie (REDLIES Mode), choose the opposite direction.

Google Signin

The game doesn't not collect any user specific data or email ids. To keep the player high score and leadboards and game specific data (like purchased characters using game coins), Google signin will be required. Google signin will be checked during game startup. Benefit of Google signin includes, keeping the game data across your devices.

Character Health

The game character health depends on the power of the character. The more power the more time the player can sustain in the game. The game has different obstacles (fire blocks, wooden boxes, lava river etc) which will affect the character health during the run. The amount of health impact when the character hits an obstacle depends on the power of the character.


Player can collect as much coins as possible on the run. The collected coins will be added to players main balance. The coin value depends on the game character and game mode. Each game character has their own power and coin value. Also, each game mode has their own coin values. Classic mode has the highest coin value (x2). The collected coins will be useful in three places.

  • Auto Turn:

    For every 50 coins, one auto turn bonus will be awarded. Player can use this option during game to make the game character to take his/her own decision to turn. This bonus is only available during the game ans will be reset when the game is over.

  • Resume Game:

    Once the game is over due to loss of health or wrong turn, player can resume the game using the collected coins. Remember, the resume cost will be doubled for every attempt to resume the same game.

  • Additional Game Characters:

    Default characters have limited power and coin values. Additional characters can be purchase from "Player Store" using the collected game coins.

Mazematics Challenge

At the end of every game, player can choose to share their achievement with their friends to challenge them by getting a Mazematics Certificate. By choosing "Challenge" option, a customized Mazematics certificate will be generated and default Android sharing options will be shown. Player can choose any possible options to share it with friends like facebook, whatsapp, email etc. Challenge option is available on main menu as well where player can challenge their friends with the highest scores achieved so far in any Game modes.

Fortune Wheel

A free spin wheel which will let the player to win some free coins by spinning it. Fortune wheel window will open every two hours and can be used for 30 seconds. Within 30 seconds player can spin the wheel as much as possible to get free coins. Won coins will be added to player's main balance.

End of Game

The game will be over in two ways. By turning into a wrong direction or running out of health. In both ways, when the game is over, player gets the option to resume the game by spending some coins. But, remember that, the resuming cost will get doubled for every attempt during the same game. To force quit game, player can use the "Pause" button on the screen and choose "Quit".

Distance Score

The longest distance the player run brings higher awards for the player. The awards are displayed on the maze track at every junction. The distance is shown in meters. Player can pause the game during the play. But, pause option will attract 5 meters penalty.

Privacy Policy

The game won't collect any user specific data or email ids. The game uses Google Play Services for Google Signin to maintain player's game data and high scores. Please read Google's Play Services policy for more details. You can find detailed Mazematics privacy policy here.


Download the game for free on Google Play Store.


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